Inevitable: The Future of Work is a podcast designed to help leaders and workplace activators effectively address the opportunities that allow us to move forward together. Now is the time to stand out and embrace the chance to do things differently.


Hosted by SHIFT Managing Director, Jeff Lesher, IFOW listeners get a front-row seat to stories, research, and recommendations shared by thought leaders from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and expertise.


Join us for raw-thentic conversations as we learn how to better deal with the world right now. Let’s get ready for what’s – inevitably – next.

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Tobin Anthony

Tobin Anthony

Turns out running a business IS Rocket Science!

As many business books, seminars, programs and such that continue to be churned out, effective leadership remains an ongoing science project: hypothesis, test, observations, conclusions, update, repeat. Light the candle and see what sort of height and orbit we can achieve. Rocket Science! The IFOW is thrilled to welcome an actual rocket scientist, to talk us through how some of the principles of and lessons from his profession can inform us as activators. Tobin Anthony, CEO of a thriving small business devoted to getting things safely into space for its clients, also is responsible for weathering economic and other challenges and cultivating people and their talent, and committed to living a fulfilled life, is our guest…and you will be even more ready for launch after you listen to our conversation.

The Future of Work

A haven for digital natives, where innovation ignites, and society (as a whole)  becomes your company’s most essential stakeholder. The future of work is flexible, inspiring, and limitless. But with each new possibility, comes challenges. Amidst all the bustle, human resources will serve as the vanguard to resolve these universal growing pains.

Inevitable: The Future of Work profiles leaders at the helm of today’s most revolutionary workplace movements. We demystify their processes, challenges, and solutions to empower listeners to stand at the cutting-edge, discover new skills, and become fearlessly agile.

Meet Your Host

Jeff Lesher

Jeff is guided by his belief in the possibility of “even better” for organizations, their leaders, and – for that matter – each of us. Jeff invites leaders and emerging leaders to fully participate in their evolution into people who facilitate more significant contributions from others. He shepherds executives, business owners, and leadership teams to a place where they are best able to leverage their vision, values, and the story of their organization to unleash the fullest potential of each and every employee in ways that do good and feel good.

The podcast explores new adaption strategies that are driving business success.

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