Inevitable: The Future of Work is a human resources podcast that investigates HR’s evolving impact on people, processes, and profitability.


Today’s leaders join hosts, Amy Dufrane of HR Certification Institute and Joe Mechlinski of SHIFT, for a forward-thinking exploration into the rapidly shifting workplace. Through stories and research, surrounding tech, automation, people management and more; these expert insights prepare the field for what’s ahead.


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Denise Caleb

Denise Caleb

Minding the resume gap

Denise Caleb, Executive VP of Strategic Partnerships at Talent Plus, Inc. knows the importance of understanding and caring for employees in all different life stages. She recognizes that, like every person, every career path is unique. It’s the job of the leader to utilize different technology and communication techniques to understand, meet, and set their employees up for success despite where they are in their journey.

The Future of Work

A haven for digital natives, where innovation ignites, and society (as a whole) becomes your company’s most essential stakeholder. The future of work is flexible, inspiring, and limitless. But with each new possibility, comes challenges. Amidst all the bustle, human resources will serve as the vanguard to resolve these universal growing pains.


Inevitable: The Future of Work profiles leaders at the helm of today’s most revolutionary workplace movements. We demystify their processes, challenges, and solutions to empower listeners to stand at the cutting-edge, discover new skills, and become fearlessly agile.

Did you know? You can earn HRCI® recertification credits for listening to the show.

Meet Your Hosts

Amy Dufrane HRCI - Inevitable: The Future of Work Podcast

Amy Dufrane

As CEO, Amy focuses on bettering organization’s performance through developing collaborative long-term partnerships with individuals and businesses. Her 25+ years of hands-on experience has allowed her to help organizations that are lost and looking to deliver and inspire change. Amy provides strategic direction while maintaining the vision and mission of HRCI.

Joe Mechlinski SHIFT - Inevitable: The Future of Work Podcast

Joe Mechlinski

Joe Mechlinski is a New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and social entrepreneur who believes that an engaged workforce is the key to unlocking human potential. To transform the purpose of business and revolutionize workforce engagement, Joe founded SHIFT, a collective of businesses spanning consulting, executive membership, and venture capitalism.
The podcast explores new adaption strategies that are driving business success.

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