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“People have never been more interested in or in need of focusing on what’s most important to them. This quest has revealed that we all have “”gremlins”” – things we imagine or place in our paths that derail us. Turns out, this is how we’re wired – with a negative bias that attaches to our brains like Velcro. Certified Mental Fitness Coach, Wendy Swire (www.swiresolutions.com) joins the IFOW to help us learn to activate our “”Sage”” brains and make a difference – by creating islands of excellence and guiding others towards the “”light””!

In our conversation, Wendy explains the importance and impact of mindset, in part, because emotions are contagious. Here’s a link to some of the research on Emotional Contagion she based her statement on:

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Lessons from the World: What Afghanistan’s rapid fall tells us about the critical need for people to feel connected to purpose.

share their views on how we can battle the loss of engagement and the great resignation through actively promoting acts of true caring for one another in the workplace. Frank and Chris are clear and compelling in their counsel that love is a business strategy with substance and impact, not something tangential or – to some – down right “icky.” Instead, they riff on the famous Peter Drucker quote about culture eating strategy for breakfast with their belief that “behaviors eat culture for lunch,” which sounds like a plan to us!

IFOW Executive Producer and Co-host, Jeff Lesher, provides perspective, candor, and encouragment to leaders to make a definitive call when it comes to vaccinations in their workplace. It IS the purview of leaders to make this call, and the time for them to make it is NOW. Their criteria need to include facts, the interests of the many, and the responsibilities that fall to each member of their team based on what they CHOOSE to do. Actions and inaction have consequences. Leaders need to stop letting things happen TO them and put a stake in the ground about how things need to be in the organizations in their care.

We tap into the experience-driven wisdom of D. John Jackson, a Fortune 50 corporate leader who’s memoir, What About Me: Walking the Tightrope as a Black Man in America, shares a simple, powerful message: Your life matters. Your dreams matter. And you can achieve them, no matter who you are or where you’re starting out.

John’s insights and convictions were collected specifically to support young black men and boys, but truly are universal in their value.
When we are fully appreciated, when we all come together through stories of success and hope, this country will finally reach its fullest potential.

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