As many business books, seminars, programs and such that continue to be churned out, effective leadership remains an ongoing science project: hypothesis, test, observations, conclusions, update, repeat. Light the candle and see what sort of height and orbit we can achieve. Rocket Science! The IFOW is thrilled to welcome an actual rocket scientist, to talk us through how some of the principles of and lessons from his profession can inform us as activators. Tobin Anthony, CEO of a thriving small business devoted to getting things safely into space for its clients, also is responsible for weathering economic and other challenges and cultivating people and their talent, and committed to living a fulfilled life, is our guest…and you will be even more ready for launch after you listen to our conversation.

In an era of technology-enabled services and a greater embrace of holistic well-being, Lionrock Recovery could well be the poster organization for both. As they say, “We use technology to make it easier and more private to get addiction treatment, and to reach people who would not otherwise get help.”
Ashley Loeb Blassingame, Co-founder and Chief People Officer, who also serves as an addiction counselor; and AJ Black, Director of Business Development focused on the employer market, share a variety of insights and encouragements for helping us understand when and how to pursue or support earlier intervention when substances begin to control our lives or the lives of people we care about.
The conversation is informative, intense, and inspiring.
In terms of the broader impact that life’s stressors can have on us, check out these articles:

• Marriage hurts a hedge fund manager more than divorce

• Divorce has “immense” impact on small businesses

Jennifer Byrne, CEO of Arrived Workforce and former CTO of Microsoft US, walks us through a variety of challenges and options we have for best utilizing technology versus being used by it. We cover topics ranging from AI to data to the cloud to how closely to follow a recipe!

Urban Meyer – and his ilk…those who can produce desirable results at a cost that we can’t afford or sustain – should be indelible lessons in who not to/how not to hire. We know others will repeat the mistake of believing that the next dirt bag they hire won’t be SO bad…just don’t be one of the others!

Melissa Henderson, Executive Agent and hiring expert, rejoins us to splash some cold water on the faces of those trying to hire in our extremely tight and competitve talentmarket. She issues a blunt piece – and highly accessible – piece of advice to would-be employers: get off you backsides and do the work. Take a listen to find our ore about exactly what work will serve your interests best.

Jorge Quezada, Chief Inclusionist for Granite Construction, has built a career on being a practitioner able to guide multiple organizations in establishing a “method to the madness” of their diversity, equity, and inclusion aspirations. He counsels that no one has cornered the market on diversity, and that – without inclusion – the value of diversity remains untapped.

Leaders often think of – and are told to think of – themselves as a parent and their people as children. This is inappropriate, wrong-headed, and unproductive. Leaders should think of their people as puppies. You heard me right. Check out why.

Melissa Henderson, President and CEO of Summit Executive Resources, has remade the executive search experience by becoming an “executive agent.” Her dedication to the “supply side” of the talent equation is on full display in our conversation about how to reflect and ready yourself for your next, great professional experience…even helping employers recognize that – though they weren’t looking for you, now that you’ve met, they can’t live without you!

“People have never been more interested in or in need of focusing on what’s most important to them. This quest has revealed that we all have “”gremlins”” – things we imagine or place in our paths that derail us. Turns out, this is how we’re wired – with a negative bias that attaches to our brains like Velcro. Certified Mental Fitness Coach, Wendy Swire ( joins the IFOW to help us learn to activate our “”Sage”” brains and make a difference – by creating islands of excellence and guiding others towards the “”light””!

In our conversation, Wendy explains the importance and impact of mindset, in part, because emotions are contagious. Here’s a link to some of the research on Emotional Contagion she based her statement on: “

Lessons from the World: What Afghanistan’s rapid fall tells us about the critical need for people to feel connected to purpose.