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We tap into the experience-driven wisdom of D. John Jackson, a Fortune 50 corporate leader who’s memoir, What About Me: Walking the Tightrope as a Black Man in America, shares a simple, powerful message: Your life matters. Your dreams matter. And you can achieve them, no matter who you are or where you’re starting out.

John’s insights and convictions were collected specifically to support young black men and boys, but truly are universal in their value.
When we are fully appreciated, when we all come together through stories of success and hope, this country will finally reach its fullest potential.

The development of leaders and their leadership abilities is a team sport. Your ability to develop others in a VUCA world requires that you, first, get out of your own way with your own development by giving yourself grace with and credit for the progress you’re making. Kayvan Kian, author of the best-selling guide for young leaders: What is Water? guides us through his process for accelerating the acquisition of experience and the perspective that comes with it to help us all be more effective leaders.

Dr. Mary Rensel (a neuroimmunologist) and Ali Hively (a lifestyle coach) are business partners who help clients understand how their brains and bodies work in order to help them optimize their work days. They are advocates of acknowledging that – of course – we bring our whole selves to work; so we need to better access what we bring to enhance connection and promote efficiency. Easier said than done, which is why we need to incorporate their medically-valid and experientially-tested advice into our effort to better activate ourselves and others.

Andrew Herr, Founder and CEO of Fount, is an expert in the exercise, sleep, and nutritional imperatives for us to be at our peak when it counts. That’s why – for years – the US military’s elite forces looked to Andrew and his team for assessment and guidance. Now, he’s providing access to all of us to the knowledge and resources to become our own best advocate as we identify the best ways for us to be even better. Noting that change in routine is the best time to improve our habits, there’s no time like the present for us to go “back” to something different!

Management consultant turned start-up entrepreneur, Chase Damiano, is now channeling his passion around and hard-won knowledge of how to achieve and sustain business success into helping others do just that.

Learning to point the finger at yourself may be your first step in better directing everyone around you forward. This and other very vulnerable insights are accessible to you…and likely will better equip you to reach out to your team in more personally meaningful ways at the very moment we need to help each other achieve what some are calling “post traumatic growth.”

Check out more about Chase and his work and subscribe to his newsletter at chasedamiano.com.

Heather Polivka, founder of HP Solutions and a proven global leader, is an expert in creating purposeful experiences that reach a variety of stakeholders. Using the insights gained from leading high impact efforts for some of the most recognized brands in the world, Heather now helps organizations attract and engage the right people, so that they can attract and engage the right customers.

Carole Robin – a trailblazer in business and a star faculty member at one of the world’s premier universities, shares her expertise and insights that she details in her book, Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends, and Colleagues. You’ll be struck by the raw simplicity of some of her counsel (say you’re sorry!), and challenged by the significance of being vulnerable. 

Melanie Coburn is the Chief Relationship Officer (CRO) for CADRE, a unique networking community. In her role, she lives out her passion for connecting and helping others. Alongside her husband, Derek Coburn, they’ve have built CADRE from the ground up, now advocating full-time for well over 100 CEOs and business leaders.

Amy Bess represents employers in every aspect of employment litigation, counseling and training. She is the Managing Shareholder of Vedder Price PC’s Washington, DC office. She completed a full 3-year term as the Chair of the global employment law practice at the close of 2020.

Irad recognizes that traditional therapy methods don’t sufficiently accommodate the digital era life style. That is why he founded Scwab Foundationa and Circles. People expect immediate and accessible solutions for their challenges. They want small and precise answers to their pains. Therapy is a long and demanding process and doesn’t fit the average person’s busy lifestyle which often includes parenting, caregiving, illness, kids with special needs, divorce and mental health issues.

After 20 years of managing and consulting on campaigns for candidates, ballot measures and advocacy groups, Joe Fuld struck out on his own to build The Campaign Workshop with a team of people he’s collaborated with in the past and who know how to create, design and build campaigns. They recognize that each client is different, and they don’t build cookie-cutter campaigns. Instead, they strive to build custom-made campaigns and strategies that fit the specific needs of clients and provide each client with the kinds of individualized tools they need to tackle any challenges they might face.

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