We found a “lost” IFOW treasure in this interview with Jim Colassano, SVP, Product Development and Strategy at The Clearing House…all about how to speed up your employees’ access to the money they’ve earned. In a world where few of us have the financial readiness to handle an unplanned expense of $400, RTP and maybe even – should we dare say it…blockchain…are tools of the payment flexibility the our current and future team members value the most. Listen to learn what you should be asking your payroll provider about and for…before someone else lures your best people away with a different type of better pay.

The Clearing House
Jim Colassano

Jeff Lesher bids the IFOW Activators a fond farewell with some parting bits of wisdom he’s picked up from others along the way. As producer of most of our 147 episodes and the host of more than 100, Jeff wants listeners to continue to delve into the treasure trove of knowledge shared by our many wonderful guests. Be well. Do even better. And multiply your impact by helping support others’ success.

WB Engineers+Consultants
Jeff Lesher

Erin Lazarus, Director of Solution Architects at SHL, a talent spectrum solutions company, helps enlighten us on al things talent acquistion to talent management with a healthy dose of assessment and experience. It’s a crash course in all the things we could know and understand better about our people if we’d only direct our time and resources more effectively. Learn how a few accessible adjustments can have a huge impact.

Erin Lazarus

We love and appreciate all our IFOW guests, and – still – Ivori rises above due to her acute passion for and skill in inviting the rest of us into the better, more productive environment created by more fully knowing each other. Fostering belonging is an ongoing and individualized effort…figuring out how to position differences as complements rather than have them sow conflict requires interest, empathy, and commitment. While we’re never done, we can experience the heady highs of rallying around common objectives and making magic through the pot luck of our skills and sensibilities. Pretty f$%#*&g awesome!

Ivori Johnson

Among the most underestimated talent out there are the people you employ right now! That’s kinda nuts. Jeff Schwartz, a future of work expert who contributes its ongoing study as an advisor to Deloitte, VP of Insights & Impact at Gloat, Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School [my old job ;-)], and author of books including “Work Disrupted,” helps us understand how and why we should be recruiting internally. The bridge is not too far, but we do need to make the effort to cross it.

Jeff Schwartz

Jeanine Boyle, Chief People Officer of digital healthcare payments company, Zelis, is the veteran of many mergers and acquisitions. We tap into her deep reservior of knowledge to understand how to desugn and activate environments that embrace change, diversity, even the occasional failure and focus on learning and moving forward with the benefit of our experience.


Jeanine Boyle

Edward and Tricia co-founded and co-lead a company whose name tells you what they help you accomplish: autentic collaboration. The combination of painstaking attention to detail they used to reveal, define and help you apply the 5 behaviors of collaboration with the emphasis on experience reflecting their Disney heritage is informative, infectous, and empowering. Join us for an illuminating and not-so-wild ride to even better.

Authentic Collaboration
Tricia Cerrone
Edward van Luinen

Gravitating as I do to musical acts that feature harmony (e.g., the Everly Brothers, Beach Boys, CSN(&Y), Eagles, ….), I was an easy sell for David Levin’s stated objective through Poppulo of using their platform and expertise to create harmony between organizations and their people and organizations and their customers. We talk omni-chanel feeds and digital signage; data and AI-reads that provide content insights, among our many topics.

David Levin

Andrew Filev is CEO of Wrike, a workflow automation platform, who is all about the better engagement of people – enabling them through a focus on results and illuminating the path toward them with tools to identify bottlenecks so they can be addressed. This is transparency in, perhaps, it’s clearest and best form. We invite you to listen closely and the go do something to make sure your team is part of the workflow design process, not merely the recipients of what IT may think is your solution.

Andrew Filev

Andy Berman co-founded Vowel as a way to give back some control to all of us who are being recorded…which, essentially, is all of us. Vowel – among other things – helps boost focus and productivity by creating an accurate record of our meetings, culling out summaries, and listing action items. After listening to our conversation, visit the Vowel website and use this code to check it out: Coupon Code = INEVITABLE

Andy Berman on Linkedin