Patricia Bradley, Executive Vice President at Strawn Arnold & Associates prides herself on her ability to attract diverse top talent utilizing various forms of technology. She recognizes that technology is dominating and transforming the hiring process for the better, more than ever before, and employers and candidates now have a better sense of where they fall in the marketplace.

Linda Nedelcoff, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy, and Human Resources Officer for CUNA Mutual Group is no stranger to helping companies be more agile in the face of change, while cultivating strong and resilient leaders. She shares that top organizations build effective leaders when they focus on three things to emphasize role vitality and impact: empowerment, engagement, and empathy.

Giselle Jones, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for The HSC Health Care System shares how to prepare both your HR department and your organization for a seamless and successful digital acquisition. She recognizes that a thriving organization is built from the inside out. Before you can adopt new practices to perform work, you must first ensure your policies and practices are equipped to support employee connection

David Sturt, Executive Vice President of O.C. Tanner Company and Tim Kuppler, Founder of and Director of Culture and Organizational Development at Human Synergistics. The two collaborated on the 2020 Global Culture Report, which reveals the six core dimensions of workplace culture. This 180 page Culture Report is a collection of research from real employees across various industries, countries, and levels outlining what creates a sustainable culture where employees thrive.

Tanya Axenson, Vice President of Human Resources at Aerotek has made it her mission to help companies of all sizes focus on their overall workforce inclusion and employee engagement. She understands that to create a powerful culture, your leadership team must commit to helping individuals of all ages, experience, and tenure realize their professional (and personal) goals. Achieving this requires a multi-tiered approach that considers the market, the company, and the individual, and Tanya explores some of the best and most actionable strategies.

Andrea Procaccino, Vice President of Talent Development & Diversity, and Chief Learning Officer at New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYP). Andrea shares how her team is paving the way for a transformative and successful approach to diversity acceptance in the workplace. An approach that will ensure every team member feels comfortable showing up to work each day as their authentic self. Through monthly team experiences, large company seminars, and educational resources, NYP is facilitating conversations around creating a culture of mutual respect for all employees

Moira Lethbridge, Principal and Owner at Lethbridge and Associates, has dedicated her professional career to helping people slow down and embrace earth’s true gifts. She begins with small steps, helping people identify the three most valuable things to them, and then builds out incremental shifts that place those priorities at the forefront. She shares daily practices that in five minutes or less, help you live out your values, appreciate the gifts you’ve been given, and eliminate the constant feeling of overwhelm.

Clarissa Peterson, President and CEO of Ohana HR, is enabling organizations to embrace technology and change to inspire employees to excel and maximize their positive impact. She acknowledges that perspectives, workplace standards, and employee needs have changed in comparison to decades past. It’s now the leaders’ job to acknowledge the proper training, role responsibilities, and developmental avenues that encourage talent development and retention.

Futurist expert, David Houle says today’s HR professionals must offer their employee’s choices instead of limitations to ensure long-term satisfaction. David has delivered more than 1,000 speeches on six continents, published eight books, and devoted his adult life to researching humanity, change, and the impact of modern technology on society. In less than 60 minutes, he’ll take you on a journey years into the future entering what he calls the Shift Age ─ a period marked by its promise to disrupt all former thought and action and force us to face and resolve our self-created havoc.

Desiree Adaway, CEO of The Adaway Group has over 20 years of experience researching and helping organizations pinpoint their trigger points when it comes to inclusivity. Her work helps leaders foster stronger relationships amongst employees and invest in programs that encourage employee development of all identities. She acknowledges that we are born into a world filled with assumptions, stigmas, and social identities that guide our decisions and perceptions.