Formstack’s CHRO, Tammy Polk – a wise veteran of many “drastically growing” companies, is a voice of acceptance of all sorts of contributors while never slowing her drive to elevate each of them directly as she continues to build the team and performance resources around them. Learn a little from a leader who knows a lot.

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A partner at insurance and workplace benefits firm, Vita Assure, Gianna is not your everyday dispenser of advice. Among her insights: be willing to blow the lid off people’s mental health coverage, promoting schedule flexibility and freeing up time to get work done by limiting meetings.. Join us to begin reimagining your benefits plan while you still can retain your best people.

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From kick-off to crescendo, Ronny Leber is an expert in creating “magic moments” for audiences of up to 120,000 people. His secret? You’re always speaking to one person. Drawing on his years of experience, his many mentors, and even Yoda, Ronny walks us through a meaningful, accessible recipe for becoming better communicators – in person, through Zoom, whatever.

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As the “World’s Leading Mentor,” best selling author and corproate counselor knows more than a thing or two about developing people. He founded Entelechy to study what the elements of success truly are and then provide people the opportunity to learn them. This conversation is a mini master class in how – metaphorically – you can navigate the journey for yourself and others of becoming a butterfly.

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Ah, “coaching”! It’s so many things to so many people. Often misunderstood or misapplied, we loose the opportunity to grow and evolve in ways that support the growth and evolution of our organizations. What if you had some straightforward guideposts…and were accompanied by an equally straightforward guide, what could you accomplish? How much better would it feel. Enter Geoff Graber, Co-Founder of Evolution and Managing Partner of Evolutionary Venture. Geoff’s skills as a coach and commitment as an investor combine to help leaders activate critically foundational concepts like “essential transparency.” Join this conversation, pick something to go do, and bet even better – starting now.

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Ellen Kocher and Dominque Ben Dhaou are on a post-50 mission to create tremendous impact by helping the rest of us tapping into the enormous and enormously valued resource that are our work force members of a similar age. Most of us are living longer, better, and want to continue to contribute. Our approaches and systems aren’t built for the 21st century (they are based on realities we faced 90 years ago …), but they can be easily updated in ways that will pay you back over and over.

Help your employees find their purpose – or else …;

Women in the Workplace;

Workers (50+) Wanted!

Deepali Vyas built a career as an expert in executive search, and – 40,000 placements later – she was compelled to found a new kind of employment marketplace: a platform called Fearless+. In the TikTok era, it’s ironic that we still rely on a piece of paper with only black and white letters on it. There should be a better way; now there is.


DDI’s 2023 Global Leadership Forecast is about as encouraging as those shoiwng more atmospheric rivers descending on California. To help productively channel (versus freak out about) findings like fewer than half of all leaders trust their direct manager to do what’s right, we’re joined by Stephanie Neal, Director of DDI’s Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research. Knowledge is power – even when it’s knowing that we’re not equipped to deal with burnout and that we don’t have the benchstrength to grow and sustain our organizations. The opportinities are urgent!

DDI 2023 Global Leadership Study

Boston Consulting Group’s Allison Bailey leads BCG’s Global People & Organization practice. She oversees an ongoing research series called “Decoding Global Talent” and joins the IFOW to share insights and corresponding recommendations drawn from the most recent chapter in this effort: “What Job Seekers Wish Employers Knew.” Allison walks us through everything from the “de-averaged” landscape of opportunities for job seekers to the startling fact that 83% of our people may be actively looking or very open to the offer of a new job. OUCH! Listen, learn, do!

Christine Miners and Rick Lash co-authored the book, Once Upon a Leader: Finding the Story at the Heart of Your Leadership, to guide people to and through the transformative process of reflecting on the experiences that have influenced who you are and how you lead others. Even more importantly, what are the experiences you’re seeking out next and how might they change you and inform the impact you can have moving forward? Join us for a n insightful and actionable look at building your narrator “muscle.”

Once Upon a Leader