Steve Curtin is a seasoned business executive turned consultant and author on a mission to elevate our understanding of “job essence” as a key tool to help people better connect with and fulfill the purpose of their roles in support of the reason their employer organization exists. In his latest book, “The Revelation Conversation: Inspire Greater Employee Engagement by Connecting to Purpose,” he lays out a process for revealing the total job to every team member and inviting them into an active process of living into the possibilities for their contribution. This ability to individually author one’s approach to better performance within the consistent framework of job purpose is just the sort of practical, high impact antidote for what ails the work world of the moment in which people are searching for something they can create right where they are.

Derek Lundsten is the President and Chief Culture Office of well-being innovator, LifeGuides – an organization that provides people trained to aid others by intentionally offering counsel that’s more casual than therapy and more qualified than a friend. LifeGuides and Derek’s podcast series, “Rebels with a Heart,” were conceived well before the pandemic and remain even more relevant as that chapter of our experience fades. Derek is committed to amplifying likeness in a time of division, and imbue executives with a responsibility to lead consciously in ways that motivate and foster connection.

Jason Greer, Founder and President of labor relations and diversity training firm Greer Consulting, has earned the nickname “The Employee Whisperer” by channeling his pain into a highly refined ability to meet people where they are and inspire them to find better places through sharing their story and feeling more connected.

Kevin Campbell is an employee experience scientist with Qualtrics ( He specializes in identifying and closing gaps in their experience in order to drive relevant business and customer outcomes. Join us for a consciousness-raising and action-inducing conversation about how we literally can make the food taste better through teamwork and collaboration!

Sonja Price, Founder and CEO of Dynamo Careers, is on a mission to help people get paid what they’re worth AND get paid to work somewhere that reflects their values. And, she’s really good at helping people establish what they really value and going after it successfully. That’s great news for talented people everywhere, and it should strike fear into the heart of every employer trying to wait out the current job market without truly doing right by the people who make their success possible. If you desire to have your peoples’ back, then listen to this conversation about listening conversations!

Dr. Scott Rigby, CEO of Immersyve/MotivationWorks brings his A Game to our exploration of the three basic human psychological needs we all share and that can be addressed in ways to help us and the organizations we comprise excel…and feel great while doing so. There is no one “right” policy. Learning about and tapping into what matters to our people within the frame of what’s important and appropriate within the organization setting is the not-so-secret recipe for success. You’ll be smarter about and better able to enage with your team after listening to this master class in self-determination theory.

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IFOW Host, Jeff Lesher, shares his appeal to take away a critical leadership lesson and opportunity from the most recent massacre of innocent people in our country. As an encouraging number of people are coming forward to say, the IFOW view is that it’s time to do something. Without action, change cannot occur. While not every action will result in better, each action will help us learn where and how we can try to be better next. That is our “plan.” Let’s join together and do.

Eric Harris is Founder and CEO of Mindhandle – a recovering creative agency that now helps companies create and utilize high impact emplyment brands. The brand, though, is only the beginning. Striking deep emotional chords with people…most often through storytelling…is essential to attracting and inspiring the right people, and sending the wrong people on their way.

Tonille Miller, Founder of consulting firm, EXT – Experience and Transformation, advises us on a whole host of issues to better understand and support our people…creating better experiences that lead to better outcomes. What a concept! Among her areas of practical guidance are: go on a listening tour and appreciate that everything we do is at its core an experiment through which to learn more. Use her actionable counsel to – as she puts it – get off your 1950’s throne!

Betsy Cerulo, Founder and CEO of AdNet/AccountNet, Inc.( and author of Shake It Off Leadership: Achieving Success Through the Eyes of Our Labels  AND Miss Crabapple and Her Magical Violin, reminds us that we never can learn too much about how to better understand each other, starting with understanding ourselves. Betsy’s blend of reflection, candor, and application is refreshing, informative, and inspiring. The business she’s built and sustained for more than three decades has its own lessons to share, including the importance of building a team that reflects the customers you want to serve as well as how to effectively interview…a skills still sorely lacking in nearly every organization.