Sarah Fern, Chief People Officer for Velocity Global, is a champion of strong connections across space and time. Her leadership at Velocity Global serves as an active illustration of what’s possible when you stop wishing for yesterday and invest in the present and the future of how people can and need to engage to excel. Tune in to benefit from any number of nuggets Sarah shares in our conversation.

Gina Schaefer built a business of 12 hardware stores in large part through giving scores of teammates their first chance at regular employment. Her book, “Recovery Hardware,” reflects the nickname her Few Cool Hardware Stores she founded and now runs with her husband earned from the community because of how many people in recovery she hired. Now, she’s transitioned the business to an ESOP to enable a transfer of ownership that further cements the connections of her team and – through them – with the many communities her stores serve. Find out how to build your own version of a business based on trust, respect, and belief.

Scott Wharton is VP & GM at Logitech – the digital tools and worker connection giant – with a focus on video collaboration. His insights about what people need to succeed in TODAY’s work environment are more than just timely, they’re critical. This a must-hear wake-up call for all the employer “grandpas” providing a laptop and not much else as we round the corner towards being 25% done with the 21st century!

Carol Schultz is an executive search expert who believes the industry is broken. Her company, Vertical Elevation, is dedicated to helping employers better understand their needs and their cultures to truly find the right people. Whether in her book, “Powered by People,” her podcasts, or her no-nonsense discovery sessions with people who think they have a recruiting problem, Carol always brings her clear and actionable point of view. Listen and learn ;-)!

Daniel Pascoe Aguilar, PhD, MDiv, is Founding Director, Center for Social Justice and Chief Diversity Officer of Excelsior University, where he continues his work to create and inspire the use of opportinunites to be recognized and appreciated for what they do. This very frank conversation goes into issues many of us experience but fear asking clarifying questions about which shuts down many avenues of learning and evolution. If you’re someone interested in building more inclusive environments, this is must listen content!

Who knew that the key to a great buainess meeting was mimicking Howard Stern? Answer: Sam Kolbert-Hyle, CEO of Brandlive, who – along with his trailblazing team – brings production constructs and techniques to best use the time available in modern, hybrid gatherings. Sam paints the picture of how to segment your agenda much like an episode of Ellen and lays out the case and approaches to creating pre-recorded content that ensures your effectiveness.

Dr. Jon Finn has spent years researching and developing clear processes for helping each of us improve and transform our lives…by shifting from the ever-vexing state of knowing what we want to do and helping us make sure we do it. Part of the secret – don’t be put off by the things that don’t go as well as we hoped. Adapting failure into success is a multi-step and ongoing process that Jon walks us through. His commitment to creating tougher minds is inspiring and imminently practical.

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“The Habit Mechanic: Fine-Tune Your Brain and Supercharge How You Live, Work, and Lead” –

Meaghan Wiliams is Manager, Hybrid Enablement & Operations for HubSpot. In her role, she helps to facilitate a great culture for all 6,400+ empoyees around the globe by making sure they can connect when, how, and for what suits and serves them. Meaghan advises that culture should be decoupled from location, and takes the listener through a number of very accessible ways in which to successfully do that anywhere. And, she makes it sound so darned fun!

Who knew that people and bots could be teammates? Turns out, they can – and really good ones if used well. Bots can offload the scut work that slows down innovation and just good experiences. Even better, bots can own the repeatable drudergy that can suck the life out of workers longing to create more meaningful impact..and free folks up to do just that. All while saving money and time. Take a verbal stroll through the land of thoughtful automation with Co-founder and Chief Platform Officer of Thoughful, Dan Parsons. There are some great takeways that may lead you to call Dan for more information…and that will help you make your next tech buying decision differently – in a good way!

Holly Welch Stubbing leads E4E Relief, helping organizations manage their efforts to lend aid to employees and family members strick by natural diaster, military conflict, illness, and more. The art and science of distributing millions of dollars in assistance at a moment’s notice anywhere in the world is, in a word: astounding. The fact that it’s being done by a relatively small band of deeply committed agents of hope and care is as surprising as it is inspiring.

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