Kevin Oakes, CEO of I4CP and author of the soon-to-be released book, Culture Renovation: 18 Leadership Actions to Build an Unshakeable Company, outlines how we can plan, build, and maintain cultures that enable positive and lasting change. He explains the crucial nature of leaders investing in, evolving, and reinforcing culture as a driver of market performance—not a consequence of it.

Tamika Tremaglio, Deloitte’s Greater Washington Managing Principal, is as skilled a professional as you’ll ever meet; but her greatest strengths might just be her practices of authenticity, kindness, and gratitude. Tamika shares how people are gravitating towards organizations that lift them up, make them feel valued, and provide them with opportunities to extend their grace to others—for the benefit of all concerned.

Jay Greenstein, CEO and Founder of Kaizo Health and industry leader in functional medicine, shares how telehealth is transforming the way businesses view the future of medicine for their employees. This modern-day approach grants employees the flexibility, freedom, and resources they need to access their healthcare where and when they need it most. From proper desk ergonomics to anxiety management and stress reduction/recovery, Jay and his team are educating leaders and employees on the importance of taking an active and sustainable approach to their healthcare.

Jonathon Hensley, CEO and Founder of Emerge Interactive, has written the new book, Alignment, providing a user’s guide to achieving success through complementary work that’s centered around common goals. He’ll share the four dimensions of alignment required for clarity and connection. Augmenting your team’s alignment with your digital presence affirms why consumers of your service/product need it and need you. With people and technology working together, your function is frictionless in ways that your team and your clientele can see and experience.

LaShondra Mercurius, President of JLM Strategic Talent Partners, is an expert in helping leaders discover, develop, and effectively engage the right people for their organization. Like any great talent scout, LaShondra helps leaders look beyond the standard “mega career recruiting platforms,” and begin tapping into prospects from all backgrounds, including people from underserved and diverse communities where talent is waiting to be discovered.

Jeff Cherry, Founder and CEO of the Conscious Venture Lab has devoted his career to overcoming and resolving challenges that stand in the way of  equal opportunities for black and minority communities. The Conscious Venture Lab is an early stage business accelerator with the goal of developing companies and leaders who embrace capitalism as a force for societal good. He brings to light the discrimination female and minority founders continue to face in modern-day business, and how companies like yours can better support these marginalized communities.

Michael Hyter, Chief Diversity Officer with Korn Ferry, helps modern day leaders bring awareness to diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace. He acknowledges that every organization sets different goals and shares that achieving those goals is accelerated when employees are made to feel seen, valued, and heard. This, he explains, is the key to sustainable high performance.

Steve Glaveski is the CEO and Founder of Collective Campus, an organization that helps leaders build their team’s capacity to innovate and leverage emerging technologies.  This includes redirecting the focus away from things people can’t control, like remote work brought on by a global pandemic, to the things they can control, like how to eliminate distractions that aren’t serving them or their team. Agility, especially in times of rapid change, is the key to success.

David Secunda, Co-founder and CEO of WorkBright, says that this an opportunity for organizations to use technology to automate and complete systematic tasks so that HR can focus on their most valuable and most expensive asset: people. By doing so, companies are investing in people growth which inevitably leads to more profitability, all while tracking and analyzing the activities that produce the greatest ROI.

Amy Berg, Senior Director of Culture and Learning at Poly, acknowledges that this remote work environment may not be a lasting reality for all organizations, but is confident a hybrid model will always live on. She identifies that trust and psychological safety are at the core to making remote work work, and that cultivating strong relationships with employees is now more important than ever.