Ken Charman, CEO of uFlexReward and Peter Newhouse, Unilever Global Head of Reward realized that no such system or platform existed on the market. So, together, they develop uFlexReward, a strategic and data-driven global reward system that enables thousands of companies and millions of employees to engage with, understand, and personalize rewards to meet their specific needs.

Atta Tarki, CEO and Managing Director of ECA Partners and author of Evidence-Based Recruiting, has a proven method that helps companies recruit top talent while inhibiting personal biases from interfering with selection. This evidence-based, data driven approach to recruiting empowers hiring managers to rely on the facts about a candidate and prioritize that information over personal opinion. As a result, candidates are selected based on their fit for a particular role first and then vetted to ensure their personalities will mesh with the work culture.

Dr. David Schramm, Professor at Utah State University, is an expert on relationships, and shares that instead of looking at personal and work as two separate categories, they both are extraordinary alike and in many instances can be managed similarly. David shares that all relationships seek three key things; safety, satisfaction, and connection. Organizations who have mastered those capabilities oftentimes rank as one of the best places to work. To test this theory, David launched, a digital platform to improve employees’ personal and family lives and boost productivity at work.

Prasanna Sankar, CTO and Co-founder of Rippling, has designed a tool that will help CEOs, HR professionals, and IT departments alike, by simplifying manual labor and streamlining the work. This software unifies payroll, benefits, devices, apps, and more all in one easy to navigate platform, making processes like onboarding automated and effortless. Prasanna explains how Rippling synchronizes all departments within a company, providing a strong structure and foundation for the organization, while allowing key players on the team more time to focus on their priorities.

David Hassel, CEO and Founder of 15Five━a leading people management solution dedicated to creating highly engaged and passionately fulfilled workforces━recognized that when employees are not engaged in their work two things happen: performance, satisfaction, and respect decreases and burnout and turnover increases. Upon reaching this conclusion, David made it his life’s mission to deepen the connection between employees, managers, and peers using proven development methods to drive individuals and businesses forward.

Gerry Sandusky, the play-by-play voice for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, President of The Sandusky Group, and Co-Founder of Truvelop, has made his living in front of the camera and being the face as history unfolds. For years, he has watched professionals try and fail at commanding a room. Gerry is an expert in helping individuals gain self-awareness that empowers them to truly influence and inspire their audience.

Dr. Wilson Wong, Head of insights and future of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) performs horizon scanning to research, strategize, and outline what will shape the future of our society and workplace. He shares that COVID-19 is something we have rehearsed for decades. But instead of preparing for the inevitable, we chased a marginal cost advantage, sought efficiency over human capital, and lived in constant consumption mode.

Marvin Chambers, Executive Coach, Talent Strategist, and HR Consultant, is re-igniting hope in the work(from home)place and helping people discover their inner-truth during this time of chaos. He discusses how we can turn obstacles into opportunities simply by adjusting our mindset. He says to leverage this time to tap into your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, continue to move your team forward, and grow your personal and organizational vision.

Frank Cottle, Founder and CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices, is a leading expert paving the way for the future workforce. He shares how virtual work spaces will quite literally re-design how we work, live, and play inside and outside of the office. Current events have ignited a new era, and it’s time we embrace new technology to enhance human interaction, collaboration, productivity, and overall happiness.

Amy and Joe bring you a special episode that taps into the core of humanity, how they are personally feeling and dealing with change, and how to help employees feel seen and heard in this new uncertain and suddenly virtual world.