Tlee Cooper is Founder and CEO of the novel e-commerce platform HeyZRO. HeyZRO provides sellers with a virtual representation of the physical store, creating an in-person shopping experience for buyers from the convenience of their home. Tlee and her team are working to save and revitalize communities by protecting merchants and brand identities from being erased by the very platforms they’re turning to for help. Tlee’s remarkable spirit and keen intellect are on display as she walks us through her journey, including how the pandemic served as a pivotal moment for her business’ growth and prosperity.

Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan, best selling authors of Solving the People Problem: Essential Skills You Need to Lead and Succeed in Today’s Workplace, shed light on how our needs and the needs of our colleagues can come together in constructive ways to help us perform better. Brett and Evans share the importance of understanding and appreciating employee’s differences in order to create greater team harmony and drive higher performance.

Trey Whitney, global HR executive and former employee at large corporations like; Google, Hershey, and Kellogg to name a few, shares how 2020 highlighted the importance of elevating HR to be the driving force behind a business’s longevity and prosperity. He shares how data can be strategically used to not only reignite humanity in the workplace, but to, recruit top talent, instill key programs, and to better integrate technologies that enhance human skill.

Steve Hatfield, Global Future of Work Leader and Lead Author of Deloitte’s 2021 Global Human Capital Trends Report, shares an in depth report from 3,600 executives, (including responses from more than 1,200 C-suite executives and board members) in 96 countries, on how the pandemic has impacted their organizations and beyond. This report examines how organizations and leaders can leverage the lessons of this pandemic to fundamentally reimagine work, shifting from a focus on surviving, to the pursuit of thriving.

In order to replicate high performance across your team, leaders must first understand who and what truly the driving force behind it. Andrew Freedman, Managing Partner of SHIFT and Author of soon-to-be-released book, THRIVE, shares proven, science-backed methodologies and principles that serve as a blueprint for leaders to unlock their team’s high performance.

Critically skilled workers are as expensive as they are hard to find. They are the lifeblood of your ability to perform at the level needed to effectively scale and sustain that growth.Thus, leaders must focus on developing their teams NOW if they hope for their businesses to be relevant later. Jennifer Thorton, Founder and CEO of 304 Coaching, is an expert in helping leaders responsibly grow their organizations through applying her proven employee lifecycle development program to nurture your talent to its full potential.

Afifa Siddiqui, CEO of Canadian Payroll Services, shares her positive, insightful take on how the pandemic environment has helped many leaders gain a new perspective, granting them the power to be more receptive to change. Through her financially-oriented business lens, she has seen firsthand how businesses reallocated funds and shifted their business model – including the use of technology – to acquire or assert market leadership. The crucible of COVID is producing the companies of tomorrow right now.

SHIFT leaders Joe Mechlinski (CEO) and Chris Steer (Managing Partner) join us for this BONUS episode to share how they help leaders use data-informed insights and SHIFT’s Annual RESET Playbook to encourage a deeper understanding, improved planning, and effective initiatives to elevate their organization as a whole. SHIFT launched a targeted pandemic-era survey effort in March, in which they collected over 137,000 data points across more than 35 companies—shedding light on critical issues like: employee well-being, work environment, connection, and trust.

Kevin Oakes, CEO of I4CP and author of the soon-to-be released book, Culture Renovation: 18 Leadership Actions to Build an Unshakeable Company, outlines how we can plan, build, and maintain cultures that enable positive and lasting change. He explains the crucial nature of leaders investing in, evolving, and reinforcing culture as a driver of market performance—not a consequence of it.

Tamika Tremaglio, Deloitte’s Greater Washington Managing Principal, is as skilled a professional as you’ll ever meet; but her greatest strengths might just be her practices of authenticity, kindness, and gratitude. Tamika shares how people are gravitating towards organizations that lift them up, make them feel valued, and provide them with opportunities to extend their grace to others—for the benefit of all concerned.