Earn HRCI Recertification Credits

HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) certification holders are eligible to receive one (1) HRCI recertification credit for listening to each Inevitable: The Future of Work podcast episode. Select the episode you listened to in full and complete the form to reveal an episode-specific code.

About HRCI Credit Fulfillment

As an HR leader, you must remain in a constant loop of ongoing career learning. Recertification through HRCI® demonstrates your commitment to continuing competence ― not only at the time of initial certification, but throughout the advancement of your HR career. Recertification is one of the many reasons that HRCI certifications are the most recognized and trusted by HR professionals and the organizations they serve. And now, recertification credits are easier than ever for you to access and earn. Here’s how to submit your code:
  1. 1. Listen to the full episode
  2. 2. Complete the form above to reveal your code
  3. 3. Login to your HRCI profile
  4. 4. Click “My Recertification Application”
  5. 5. Enter the code as the program ID number

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