Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends, and Colleagues

I’ve been in the business of helping leaders grow for over 35 years. Before I co-founded and became the Head of Programs of Leaders in Tech I taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) for 17 years, where I served as the Faculty Director of the Interpersonal Dynamics for High Performance Executives Program and Director of the Arbuckle Leadership Fellows program. I was honored to receive the MBA Distinguished Teaching Award for my work in numerous courses, including Interpersonal Dynamics (the most popular elective course at the GSB for over 45 years) and the Silver Apple award for my work supporting alumni. Prior to joining the GSB, I was a partner in an organization-development consulting firm. I’ve also worked as a high tech sales and marketing senior manager.

In addition to my teaching, I’ve coached and consulted to individuals and groups of high-profile executives for the last fifteen years. My clients work with me to develop their interpersonal skills, update limiting mental models, and learn to modify their style. I’ve become internationally known for my expertise in interpersonal relations and, particularly, experiential small group learning. This type of training gives participants the capacity to become more effective leaders, build higher performing organizations, and have richer, more fulfilling personal and professional relationships.