Learning from the Habit Mechanic just in time for the New Year!

Dr. Jon Finn has spent years researching and developing clear processes for helping each of us improve and transform our lives…by shifting from the ever-vexing state of knowing what we want to do and helping us make sure we do it. Part of the secret – don’t be put off by the things that don’t go as well as we hoped. Adapting failure into success is a multi-step and ongoing process that Jon walks us through. His commitment to creating tougher minds is inspiring and imminently practical.

Website – https://www.tougherminds.co.uk/

“The Habit Mechanic: Fine-Tune Your Brain and Supercharge How You Live, Work, and Lead” – https://www.amazon.com/Habit-Mechanic-Fine-Tune-Brain-Supercharge/dp/1544528965